The Fall (2006)

Directed by: Tarsem Singh
Cinematographer: Colin Watkinson
Staring: Lee Pace, Catinca Untaru

The root of the story takes place within the walls of a hospital in 1920 Los Angeles, where the young Alexandria, suffering from a broken arm, befriends Roy Walker, a movie stunt man who’s legs have been paralyzed after a risky stunt fall. Alexandria asks Roy to tell her a fantasy story about six men of varied backgrounds who embark on a quest to kill a nefarious governor. In-between the sections of the fantasy, Roy influences Alexandria to scout out the hospital supplies for morphine, which, unbeknownst to Alexandria, Roy intends to use to commit suicide. As Roy’s story nears an end, so does his life. Alexandria and Roy’s friendship comes to a head when Alexandria becomes seriously injured while trying to get pills for Roy. The action in the hospital and in the fantasy story swirl together as Alexandria and Roy manage to save each other physically and emotionally. 

Not only is the storyline incredibly captivating, the film is visually spectacular, followed through with intriguing camera angles and production design that is just absolutely stunning. It’s amazing that everything was shot on real locations. Knowing that while viewing the film just adds to the marvel of each setting. Furthermore, the exaggerated use of color to identify separate characters and sections of the story highlights the lighthearted, fantasy aspects of the story seen through Alexandria’s eyes. When we return to the hospital scenes, the colors are muted and the lighting is minimal with high contrast, taking on the characteristics of the dark-drama that is the characters reality. 
This film quickly became one of my favorites. I highly recommend it to anyone.

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